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When you use, it's easy to find local businesses that financially support your school. Each advertiser chooses a specific school they want to sponsor and a significant portion of their monthly fees are then provided to that school. So sign up for coupons and be sure to support the local businesses that help support your school! [find out more] is an online business directory with a purpose. Beyond providing leading-class Internet marketing, MLAS gives businesses the opportunity to become recognized in their community as a strong supporter of their local high school - earning the respect and patronage of the community while receiving a state-of-the-art online marketing program. [learn more]

Are you tired of constantly having to find ways to raise funds for you’re after school programs? Selling spices, pizza, wrapping paper, magazines, and candy bars sure keeps everyone busy - but do those fund raising efforts generate substantial and significant dollars on a consistent monthly basis? It's easy to have set up and manage an entire fundraising program for you. One of our experienced salespeople will do it for you. [read more]

Raising funds and generating awareness are the two biggest distractions that keep non-profits from advancing their causes in the community. allows cause-related non-profits to generate monthly revenue and awareness through the business owners who already believe in the purpose and mission of these organizations. [find out more]

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